13 May 2020

The Malaysia Competition Commission (“MyCC”) conducted a public consultation from 27th February 2020 to 19th March 2020 for its “Market Review under the Competition Act 2010 for Service Sector in Malaysia (Wholesale and Retail for Selected Products)”, in line with the MyCC’s powers under Section 11 and Section 12 of the Competition Act 2010.

The objective of this market review is to better understand the market structure, to assess market activities along the supply chain and to identify any competition concerns in the wholesale and retail trade for selected products, specifically on processed food and beverages, personal care and toiletries, household cleaning products and clothing. The MyCC also aims to review any regulations and policy that may impede competition in the industry.

The MyCC has invited members of the public and the relevant stakeholders to provide their views on the draft market review via a public consultation session conducted over a period of 3 weeks.

The MyCC press release can be found on its website www.mycc.gov.my by clicking here.


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