28 July 2022

The Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia (“Content Forum”) has revised the Communications and Multimedia Content Code (“Content Code 2022”). The Content Forum is an independent self-regulatory industry body registered under the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and designated by the Communications and Multimedia Act to oversee and promote self-regulation of content over the electronic networked medium.

The Content Code 2022 provides self-regulation procedures by identifying and listing governing standards for content dissemination. The Content Code 2022 was officially registered on, and stated to be effective from, 30 May 2022.

The following are some of the key changes in the Content Code 2022:

  • The scope of advertisements is widened to include those communicated over a networked medium, as well as those displayed on devices that can process content electronically. This includes digital media, which has been defined to include any content capable of being transmitted over the internet or computer networks, including through networked electronic media such as wearable devices and interactive devices;
  • The coverage of Part 3 of the Content Code 2022 relating to advertisements has been widened to include online marketplace operators and social media influencers;
  • Standards in relation to the general requirements on advertisements have been heightened through amendments in relation to claims, testimonials and endorsements, prices, guarantees, product availability, etc.;
  • New general principles to prohibit advertisements from directly or indirectly infringing the rights of consumers. This means that advertisements should not contain any misrepresentation of any matters which are likely to influence consumers on various aspects of a product, such as its source, quality, price, and terms and conditions;
  • Removal of the list of products and services which were unacceptable for advertisement under the Content Code 2020, making all advertisements permissible unless otherwise prohibited under Malaysian laws;
  • Refinement of certain provisions such as those governing advertisements of cosmetic products, financial services and products, and intoxicating liquor which are now required to comply with the regulatory guidelines or statutes relevant to the product in question; and
  • Extension of time within which complaints are required to be made to the Chairman of the Complaints Bureau in respect of any alleged misconduct from two working days to five working days.