27 March 2024

On 21 February 2024, Enterprise Singapore (“EnterpriseSG”) and the Singapore Logistics Association (“SLA”) jointly announced the launch of the Sustainability Playbook for Logistics Enterprises (“Playbook”) and Green Supply Chain Knowledge Hub. These two initiatives aim to intensify logistics companies’ efforts to embark on green capabilities to access new growth opportunities and sustainability compliance. These efforts are part of the Green Supply Chain initiative outlined in Vision2027, a five-year roadmap developed by SLA and industry stakeholders, to accelerate the transformation and growth of the logistics industry.

Sustainability Playbook for Logistics Enterprises

The Playbook comprises a step-by-step guide for logistics companies to chart their sustainability strategies and resources for them to implement and sustain sustainability efforts including toolkits, training courses, financing support, and sustainability standards. The Playbook sets out (1) greenhouse gas emissions and energy management, (2) waste, (3) employee health, safety, and engagement, and (4) data security as sustainability topics which logistics companies can look into with a view to introduce sustainability measures and to future-proof their business.

Green Supply Chain Knowledge Hub

The Green Supply Chain Knowledge Hub is a new microsite which serves as a one-stop platform for logistics companies to obtain insights and knowhow to incorporate sustainability into their operations. It facilitates companies’ adoption of the Playbook by distilling information in the Playbook into actionable steps.

The platform also features latest information that can help logistics companies tap on sustainability capabilities to unlock new revenue opportunities, enhance market differentiation, as well as manage risks associated with evolving customer expectations and regulatory requirements. These include successful case studies and green solutions providers that companies can work with to intensify their sustainability efforts.

EnterpriseSG, Workforce Singapore (“WSG”), and SLA will support logistics companies in reskilling and redesigning the jobs of professionals who are capable of leading sustainable development and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within logistics companies. Companies can tap on WSG’s Career Conversion Programme and receive salary support of up to 90% during the on-the-job training duration.

Upcoming sustainability efforts

To deepen industry engagement and foster practical implementation of sustainability measures, SLA will organise a series of industry events and initiatives in 2024, including (1) seminars with logistics technology companies and leasing companies to enhance the industry’s knowledge on carbon measurement, resource tracking and adoption of electric vehicles, and (2) co-innovation activities to facilitate the development and implementation of green warehouses in the industry.

SLA is also exploring partnerships with leading financial institutions to introduce green financing options tailored for logistics companies.

Reference materials

The following materials are available on the EnterpriseSG website www.enterprisesg.gov.sg: