28 May 2020

On 24 April 2020, Bursa Malaysia Berhad (“Bursa Malaysia”) announced that the Main and ACE Market Listing Requirements (collectively, “Listing Requirements”) have been amended to enable securities holders to perform the following electronically (in addition to the existing manual method):

  • subscription and payment for rights issue;
  • conversion and payment for convertible securities; and
  • election to participate in a dividend reinvestment scheme

(collectively, “e-Corporate Exercises”).

The amendments will apply to all e-Corporate Exercises announced on or after 2 February 2021. Notwithstanding this, listed issuers are nonetheless encouraged to begin offering the electronic option to their securities holders earlier, on a voluntary basis.

Reference materials

The Bursa Malaysia press release is available on its website www.bursamalaysia.com by clicking here.


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